The National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc., as a not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to the preservation,  promotion, and celebration of the Literary and Cultural history of the Beat Generation and its extents. The NBPF supports the above primary mission by hosting, collaborating, and fostering joint partnerships for Beat themed poetry readings, workshops, plays, radio shows and much more locally and across America–and even Internationally.

The collaborations and joint partnerships extend to individuals, organizations, and representatives of universities and colleges. NBPF  supports the further development and exposure of non-traditional poetry from people of all ages and backgrounds within communities where interest is significant and/or where interest needs support or exposure.

The Beat Generation’s significant writings and history of its original prime movers lives on from its inception in the early 1940’s, and its legacy continues today by way of new writers, poets and artists of disparate influences and means of expression. The NBPF is committed to not only supporting venues in existence, but also in developing new venues where cultural preservation and the works of new artists can show yesterday meeting the living voices of today.

NBFP’s activities promote literacy and open exchange dialogue which incorporates the Beat history and art at its base, to break boundaries and bridge cultures with new thought, ideas, and free expression.

[Announced March 30, 2015]

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