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Want to be an event Host?

If you would like to host a poetry event/reading in your city, town, province in the United States, or in your country just email us and we will be glad to help you.

We have had hosts in most of America and in several countries around the world. All hosts build their events based on a yesterday meets today motif.

Ours is a D.I.Y. set-up for hosts. Meaning the hosts choose the venue which best suits their event. This could be at a coffee shop, a restaurant, a bar, a university/college, or any other venue which would support celebrating, preserving and promoting the Beat literary & cultural legacy as part of our annual festival (see host guidelines below).

The one unique aspect of the National Beat Poetry Festival is that all involved have come together to make history. And, though the Beat Generation is a literary and cultural phenomenon unique to America in its inception–much like the Jazz age–, many of its artists traveled and spread Beat sensibilities throughout the world……therefore we are International as well.

To find out how to become an event host Email us at:


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